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Nov 22, 2008 · I know that modern war ship have some form of metal decks such as steel but why did WWII ships have wooden decks such as teak? On first thought one would think traction on a wet deck but the latest most modern ships have steel decks and they need good traction as well.

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There is a reason the world's navies have prized teak decks for centuries. From the blistering sun of the tropics to the frigid temperatures of the arctic, teak is equal to the challenge.

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The wood inner portion is teak reclaimed from the deck of The USS North Carolina BB 55 . She participated in every Pacific naval engagement during WWII collecting 15 battle stars thus becoming the most highly decorated ship in that theatre. Following her decommissioning, she became a memorial and museum ship in Wilmington, NC.

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Teak will not iirc splinter and shard in the way other woods will do, if shells struck Iowa's deck. For footing, an overlay atop the steel deck plate was required, and teak was easily the wood of choice.

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The virtues of teak wood discussed in this thread pretty well jive with what I was told A wooden deck covering lessens the effects of the ship's guns on the

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Teak Wood Shiplap, made of FSC Recycled 100% teak. IndoTeak's reclaimed shiplap is incredibly durable due to years of weathering and perfect for any climate.

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Nautical Antiques and Tropical Decor. 2202 new production using reclaimed teak wood Suar wood ship's hatch cover;

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I would like to do a nice pen set for him from reclaimed wood from a navy ship. I did once manage to get a piece of the teak deck on the USS Missouri as it was

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Maritime Wood Products is a leading manufacturer of custom teak MARITIME Custom Teak Decks and Teak Deck Panels eliminate the need to tediously hand lay a deck

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Desk Table made of antique reclaimed wood from deck of WW II ship. Teak. Vintage modern industrial design. Reclaimed Recycled Boat Teak Wood Deck Loveseat by

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