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Remediation Project Photos
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These are examples of what can happen to a basement or any area of a property if moisture and/or mold are not taken care of in a timely and professional manner.

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Mis-leading Basement

Moldy Basement Walls

Owner thought this was the extent of the problem in the basement.
Moldy Drywall

This is the drywall behind the wood panel after removal.
Moldy Basement Walls

Mold was this high around the entire basement.
Moldy material was disposed of

Piece by piece the basement was demo'd and disposed of.
Rooms were cleared out

Walls were taken down to studs.
Bathroom walls

This is the inside of the bathroom walls, full of mold.
Bathroom Demo

The entire bathroom had to be demo'd due to the extent of mold on all the framing.
Bedroom wall studs

Only these studs remained when remediation was complete.
Completed Remediation Project
Entire walls were removed to make this a complete remediation.
Completed Remediation Project

The entire ceiling was removed; the only things remaining were the tiled floors.

Moldy Foundation Walls.

Moldy Foundation Walls

This is a portion of the basement wall that had water intrusion over the years.
Moldy Foundation Walls

This is the wall after the first application of cleaner and scrubbing.
Application of mold cleaner

Spraying of mold cleaner on the walls and ceiling joists.
Before Cleaning Foundation Walls

Another part of basement wall with mold.
After Cleaning Foundation Walls

Wall after first cleaning.
Foundation Walls Cleaned

Walls after final cleaning and all cracks sealed.
Foundation Walls Sealed

Walls with the first coat of water sealer applied.
Foundation Walls Sealed

Final coat of sealer to protect the walls and prevent water from intruding.
Foundation Walls

Completed walls of basement.
Foundation Walls

Completed foundation walls.
Foundation Walls

Completed walls, free of mold.

Remaining walls of the basement that were treated.
Entire Moldy House.
Mold grew on everthing!

This houe was left empty for over 8 months with water still in basement.
This mold grew more over a 1 month period.

All material was saturated from the broken water pipes that occured.
The ceiling fell because of the moisture levels.

The drywall was soft after the water intrusion.
Wood paneling

The wood paneling was being consumed by the mold.
Basement clearing.

Everything in the entire house was removed.
Only studs remained in the basement.

All of the stair well studs were cleaned in the basement.

Even the kitchen had to go.

The kitchen had mold behind and inside all the appliances.

The top floor of the house.

The bottom section of drywall was removed thruought the entire first floor, including bathrooms.

All wood sealed after remediation was completed.

Every piece of wood and drywall that remained was sealed to prevent mold growth.
Top floor sealed.

All carpet was removed and even the floors were sealed.
Kitchen removed and sealed.
All items were removed and kitchen demo'd before sealing.
Floor/Ceiling joists sealed after cleaning of mold

The joists had to be cleaned because of the mold that grew on them over the long period.

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