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Services provided by Atlantic Coast Inspection Services.

Complete Home Inspections

Environmental Assessments

Property condition assessments

Mold Consulting

Mold Remediation

Asbestos Consulting

Lead based paint Consulting

Non destructive Examination and Testing

Asbestos, Lead-based paint and mold abatement design specifications.

Consulting services:

Prepare a written specification regarding remediation procedures

Observe removal activities.

Monitor the remediation process via visual inspection and air


Interpret air monitoring results.

Certify the area clean of asbestos, lead or mold at the conclusion of

the project.

Mold, Asbestos, and Lead-paint survey:

Determine the areas to be tested

Collect suspect asbestos containing material, lead-based paint or

mold affected material.

Identify and interpret results.

Prepare a written report regarding findings and recommendations.

Mold Remediation:

Conduct air sampling test prior to the remediation process starting to acquire a base line of mold spore count.

Close off entire room to be remediated and make a containment area for the remediation job to begin.

Use a negative air machine, also known as an air scrubber, an air purifier (UVC), and a dehumidifier to totally dry out the job area of any moisture.

Remove all mold affected material from the work site.Scrub and disinfect the wood that would remain.

Conduct post remediation air and tape sampling test.

Atlantic Coast Inspection Services, LLC.